Saturday, May 05, 2007

Lyon reconciles itself with its river, the Rhone, redeveloping its embankments

So, I'm preparing for my trip to France next week, practicing french, tweaking my interview questions, getting a handle on the digital video camera, and reading up on what's happening this week in France (in addition to the election of a new President) and I came across a wonderful article in Le Monde about how Lyon, where I'll be spending 10 days, has just revitalized a section of the Rhone waterfront accentuating, among other things, its natural beauty: Le : Lyon se r�concilie avec son fleuve en r�am�nageant les quais du Rh�ne.

This is like a home run for me -- practice reading french aloud, learn about important events that are au courant, it's about nature, which is my second most favorite thing next to learning itself, and it gives me a major destination for some of that free time I hope to have once I've finished with the interviews, translations and note-taking...