Friday, November 03, 2006

Building a Better Bibliography

I don't like details. I didn't think I'd like putting together a bibliography for my KMS paper. I hate footnotes. But I spent the better part of a day doing the bibliography and had a great time. Who am I? How can this be? I discovered this site called NoodleBib that the Library has a subscription to and it allows me to put together a properly formatted APA bibliography online *and* collect notes related to each reference from the web versions, directly by cut and past for quotes and images, fields for my owne ideas and paraphrasing, ability to tag, to organize into concept clusters, to reorder and re-associate. Geez, it's like I've been looking for this kind of tool and it's been right there at the library all along. Learning about these KMS tools is really changing the way I do everything.

So the first semester is headed into the home stretch. Just 5 weeks to go and they'll fly by, I'm sure. It is just as great an adventure as the boat trip, as my year in South America, as my first year on my own after high school (when I moved to Austin on a whim in the middle of January). Adventure seems to be required for me to have a healthy life. I like that about life, about me.

This is the first weekend that I have pretty much entirely free. I have reading for my Wednesday class, but I could get it done Monday evening, though I don't want to put if off that long. I finished my book report for Tuesday, though again, I could stand to practice it a bit before then. The readings are done. I've blogged about them. I have my paper as far as it needs to be for the next deadline almost 2 weeks away. Users class is ok as far as our project goes. We have 5 weeks to finish our paper and prototype. the IRB is in Janice's hands and I've already given her my comments. We will need to go over it once more for unifying probably Tuesday.

I am finally beginning to feel less overwhelmed and not so 80 hour a week run over. But maybe it's just a lull in the game. We'll see. I still love it. Oh, that reminds me, got to visit the application for the phd program. I need to start on that application...

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