Friday, December 01, 2006

Interesting idea for a course on future of the book

I had an interesting idea today for a course on the future of the book. Wouldn't it be neat to write a book that had layers -- an upfront layer that was sort of like a normal book; a second layer that was heavily linked, providing paths in and out of the text; a third layer that included other people's comments and links in and out of the text, including commentary and response by the author. I can see it as a sort of wiki, but not quite like the currently available wiki software. One could choose to be in, read in, any of the three versions. Has someone already done this? If so, where is it? I would like to do this and maybe add it to the alternatives that are available to author who wish to make their works available in new and more social ways, more interactive ways. I guess I could start with an article or something short, but I need some help with the layers idea. Anyone know what I'm talking about better than I do?


Carlos Ovalle said...

I haven't seen anything quite like that, although it sounds kind of familiar in some respects. I'll have to poke around.

Have you seen the Code Wiki, based on Lessig's book?

Georgia Harper said...

Carlos: I visited the Code Wiki. It seemed pretty chaotic, but I can plainly see that the infrastructure is there to do something like I am thinking of doing. Your use of the blog software to create the Copyright Advisory Network, sort of picking and choosing features of different types to put together what you want makes me think that this might be doable with what's on the shelf right now, with just a little ingenuity (of the Carlos kind).