Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why you clever dog you...

Well, for $1295, we can all get a glimpse into the crystal ball of Google's future: Peter Suber, Open Access News. I had just posted yesterday an item in which I hesitated to label Google as any particular kind of business, knowing that they have, "technical infrastructure, patents and agile development processes" (quote from the report discussed in Peter Suber's post above) to say nothing of ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas, and a corporate culture that lets them flourish, that means they can launch into any business they desire at the drop of a hat (to those of us that move at molasses in January speed). And that's what the report reports. Bottom line? If you want to compete with Google, you better figure out how to be more like Google. It's not a business (that's why it can't be pinned down to a business description), it's a culture and it succeeds at anything it puts its mind to.

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