Monday, November 26, 2007

CO2Stats: Measuring a Site's Impact

So, I'm in the midst of data analysis on the blogging a draft experiment, very focused on little details like how many people visited which pages and stayed how long, right? Thinking, of course, that this is a good thing, that people come, that they see lots of pages, that they stay a long time. Well, guess what? It's a bad thing: CO2Stats: Measuring a Site's Impact. Yessir! Impact -- not in a good way. CO2 emissions.

What an eye-opener. I think of myself as pretty conscientious, but it had not even occurred to me that by trying to place things out there where people will see them, I am contributing to global warming. Well, it's incredibly obvious, now that I think about it. But here's a little widget that actually measures your blog's negative impact on the planet.

This paragraph could go on to rationalize why I shouldn't feel bad about this, but it won't. I do. I don't know why this should have brought home the importance of carbon offsets when nothing else really has (I've been studiously avoiding thinking about that whole game I suppose). Now it's personal. I am encouraging energy use (some might say frivolous energy use) by blogging. I need to do something about this. Now I need to find out the real truth about carbon offsetting. It just sounds too easy. I have a garden. Is that enough? I plant trees. I have a forest (1 acre of it anyway). Uh-oh. I'm rationalizing and I said I wouldn't. The bottom line is I have to find out what carbon offsetting is and how it works and get serious about taking responsibility for my actions.

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