Thursday, December 27, 2007

Third week of five of vacation

I'm finding time to read things that got onto my back burners over the semester, take walks on sunny winter Austin days, hang out with Dennis at the coffee houses we like, even cook some, bake a little bit, see friends, watch movies. Life on vacation at home.

I pulled up the Association of College and Research Libraries' Establishing a Research Agenda for Scholarly Communication, which I had been meaning to read since it came out in November, and it includes several sections that touch on the issues I've been thinking about writing about. In particular, the sections on How Scholars Work, Authorship and Scholarly Publishing, and Adoption of Successful Innovations look like very good fits.

The report is in the form of a wiki, which makes it amenable to immediate input. It feels a bit odd to me to just go in and change what the ACRL has written, but discussion seems fine. I guess I need to read it more carefully, think about which of their proposed research projects comes closest to what interests me, and maybe make a proposal that would dovetail with ACRL's brainstorming, and the various factors that affect what I can and will be able to do this semester. It's like putting together a big puzzle. At least it's an interesting picture that's likely to emerge.

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