Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Connections b/t Users Class and KMS Class

After attending the first session of Users Class and KMS, I can now see connections between the two. The user focus will be central to the KMS class. To evaluate any KMS, you have to look at it from the user perspective. So everything I learn in Users class is directly relevant to what I decide to do in KMS, from the eval of a KMS to my research paper.

Both classes are very loosely controlled. There seems to be alot of (sufficient) flexibility for people to do what makes sense to them. It's a bit foggy at first, of course, but nothing like law school was. I was in a total fog for the first two weeks. No idea of what we were doing. It's not like that, thank goodness. And there doesn't seem to be any intention that it should be that way, as it seemed in law school.

So far, it's just plain fun. But it is moving really fast and I find that deadlines are already creeping up on me. I need to ramp back up to speed. The last 3 weeks at work before retirement I spent almost entirely on getting out. I didn't have a set schedule. I just did what seemed to be needed at the moment. I have to get back to a schedule, clearly, or I'm not going to meet some of these deadlines.

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