Saturday, September 09, 2006

Getting the hang of it

The last couple of days I have been finally beginning to get the hang of this. It is such a different pace and rythm from work as an attorney in an established practice. New is good. Shaking things up is good. The effort to figure out how to handle something new, how to apply old approaches to new things, or to toss them and find new approaches, all of that feels very energizing. But, you still have to get the work done in there somewhere and it's (surpise!) taking me longer to do that than I thought it would.

What I really like though is the variability, the changes of pace from one activity to the next: at attention for awhile, then relaxed and doing something physical like walking or planting something in the garden. I don't sit around nearly as much as I did before. That feels really good.

So, connections. My group (Understanding and Serving Users Class) settled on a project for the design of a user interface. We're going to work with Heidi Johnson in the AILLA, and her graduate research assistant, Daniel, who is from Panama and is Kuna Indian, to design a native-speaker (of Kuna) interface to the tons of materials Joel Sherzer has collected (audio) over the years. It will be fun, and directly relevant to other projects I want to do, including redesigning the Crash Course interface, which I have committed to do as part of my continuing OGC responsibilities on my outside counsel contract. I have put on hold thinking about a KMS project. I need to do a bit more thinking about that, in light of the realization I had earlier that I need to stop focusing on law practice.

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