Saturday, February 17, 2007

Apple - Pro - Profiles - Neal Ashby & Matthew Curry

I am just so fascinated by the fact that I can think of any question I want at any time I want and if I'm on (connected), I can just ask it. Damn. This is just so incredible. But even more incredible is that the answers as often as not connect things that seem totally unconnected at first glance.

I was reading my homework assignment for Survey of Digitization (honest) and listening to Mirror Conspiracy at the same time (I didn't used to be able to do that but my coffee house experiences have made a big difference in my ability to love more than one input at a time) and suddenly I had this question about when Thievery Corporation might be coming to Austin again and I Googled it and ended up, through a few clicks, finding a site that I must refer my Survey of Digitization prof to: Apple - Pro - Profiles - Neal Ashby & Matthew Curry. She is into the art of album covers and wonders about what's happening to all that information that used to be a part of an album experience. And so is Thievery Corporation and its artistic designers for its most recent album, Versions (who just picked up a Grammy for this one).

So Thievery Corporation loops back around to my Survey of Digitization class, but that's not the only connection. The article about the album cover for Versions just happens, at its end, to talk about the future of the digital album cover. So there it is again, my interest in the future of the book running through everything I think about and do. One big circle of connection and relationship and integration. And I actually have the time to think about all this and write about it and maybe get a Ph.D. in the process... Wow. Please do not wake me up. This is such a neat dream!

Eek! I have to go pick up my mom and take her shopping.

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