Tuesday, February 20, 2007

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A very interesting and encouraging note at, "Information Wants To Be Free � Blog Archive � Lead, follow or get out of the way." Blogger, Meredith Farkas notes:

Our mission may not change, but the way we fulfill that mission must and will continue to require new methods. Let’s be change leaders rather than following Kodak’s sad example and waiting too long in spite of all the signs telling us that the things around us are changing.

This is the policy question I've been posing for myself: what has been the role of the library in implementing the public policy to make information available to all citizens, in an economical and reasonably efficient way? And what will that role be when virtually all the information to be made available is available digitally? And, of course, how do we get from here to there?

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Peg said...

I think the key to the future of libraries will lie not just in the computers provided, the speed of the computers, and the services provided by the librarians, but also in how inviting the space is that is created.

For this piece, libraries (and their planners/designers) should consider Christopher Alexander's web page Pattern Language.

He is all about creating an inviting space. Libraries could lead the way, (and many of them have done so) by using inviting architecture.

One other thing that libraries could do is help the population that missed the computer revolution learn how to use computers. It seems to be really confusing for some of them. They could offer computer clinics at the library for those who have trouble using email, etc.