Friday, January 19, 2007

Enhancing your visit to my blog

I've had enough time in these last few weeks to explore the world of bling for blogs, as it was referred to in a nice NYT article yesterday. So I have added a few features to my blog, things that I hope will give readers more information when they visit. For example, I added a feature that shows the Web pages I'm bookmarking on These sites are tagged and annotated to give you a better feel for what you're likely to find there of interest.
I also added a feature that shows the posts from the blogs I've read recently that I think might be of interest. My rss reader is Google Reader. This is a feature Google Reader provides.
There are lots of other features that can be added as the NYT article shows. But school has started, and my blog enhancing days are numbered for awhile. Posting every couple of days will be attention enough. There has to be some plain ol' fun in all of this, right?

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