Monday, January 15, 2007

Tomorrow is first day of class

And we're off --

Another semester starts tomorrow. I'm ready for the whirlwind this time, at least I know what to expect. I've got both my ischool schedules scoped out. One of the classes is about organizing and providing access to information (what used to be cataloging, but isn't anymore); the other is about digitization. Both fairly technical, but both squarely touching on the themes I am getting more into: what changes does the fully networked environment presage for the book, the publishing industry, the library. And, of course, how is the way we are handling this different from the way it's being handled in other parts of the world.

I spend a lot of time over the last couple of weeks reading blogs, news reports, conference papers, books, and really, anything that touched on these themes. There is so much out there once you get started looking. Thank God it's so incredibly interesting, downright fascinating, or I would be overwhelmed. The only thing that's overwhelming right now is the thought that I have to narrow down my interest at some point. I can't imagine how on earth I could do that, but I know I will.

As for french, I've been listening to the audio that accompanies my book, am listening to rfi and tele 5, reading the text of the book and an occasional news feed (I get my Google news in french), so I'm prepared for that too. Hopefully I'll be able to attend le cercle francais this semester to add an additional hour each week to my practice schedule.

So, if it weren't freezing right now and raining, thus making it iffy whether classes will actually go forward tomorrow (UT will call the shots on this early in the a.m. they say), I would be more excited about it, but as it is, it's really Wednesday that I'll have my first class, the digitization class. So, 1 down, 6 or 7 to go...

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